About Us

FRTC is committed to providing the best solutions to digital life problems, simplifying the complicated and delivering peace of mind.   

Our dedicated software engineers can develop software for large enterprises, small and mid-size businesses, and startups.  

Let our team make your custom software idea into a reality, whether your need is a full website, a mobile app designed for iOS / Android, or even AI/machine learning solutions designed to make your business more profitable.   

FRTC has you covered at all stages of the development process.  We perform a detailed requirement analysis of your software need, assign a project manager for brainstorming and prototyping to ensure optimal design. Next, we define a clear timeline of development milestones and a target completion date. Our engineers adhere to the agile project management framework which better allows teams to work together, and that in conjunction with having a dedicated team assigned to your project instead of just one developer ensures high quality, cost-effective, quick turnaround solutions delivered to you. 

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